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Marketing to Gay Consumers

This paper evaluates two hypotheses about gay essay online free consumers: Spendable income and sexual content of advertising.


This paper explains, after the author's research of academic literature and an extensive review of the advertising trade literature, it is apparent that the urban myth that gays have more disposable income than other groups remains and that the gay psyche is no different from the psyches of other identifiable marketing target groups. The author points out that differences in how marketing is handled arise from the necessity of deciding whether to advertise in mainstream media as well as in gay-specific media. The paper relates that the problem arises in that while the necessary images may be acceptable in the gay-specific press, they may be regarded as less acceptable by straight consumers when they appear in mainstream media. Table of Contents Introduction and Statement of Hypotheses Literature Review Application Review and Evaluation Conclusion

From the Paper:

"Not surprisingly, the marketers claim the essay writers online only thing they have to fear these days is the right wing as the middle has already become comfortable with the idea. In addition, of course, there is the need, in stagnating economies, to tap into a good market, no matter what. In 2004, it was estimated that the GLBT population was about 15 million (somewhat under the Kinsey estimate of eleven years earlier), with $485 million in spending power. "Though it's a smaller niche than the African-American and Latino markets, gays are a consumer group with a high proportion of discretionary income".

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